CheerCats LV

Welcome to CheerCats Las Vegas

In our third season we are proud to offer two locations in Las Vegas! CheerCats is based out of
Gymcats in Henderson and now Summerlin!!!
Gymcats is one of the largest gymnastics facilites in the Las Vegas area - standing strong for 25 years.


CheerCats is unlike any other cheer program you will find in the Las Vegas area. We focus on building superior athletes from the inside out – with positivity and emphasizing the value of teamwork. Unlike other programs we never push an athlete to perform skills they are not ready for, for the sake of winning. We believe in challenging your athlete mentally and physically and with great technique and support from your team and coaches the skills will come when your athlete is ready. CheerCats coaches are here to develop your athlete’s full physical potential and fuel their passion for this sport. We strive to give each athlete, no matter
the skill level, the ultimate competitive cheerleading experience. We also know that competitive cheer can be a very costly sport, so we strive for competitive prices as well as minimal travel commitments. Most importantly – we want your athlete to have fun every time they step onto the mat! Here at CheerCats we truly
believe these will be some of the best memories of your child’s life and we’re so happy to be a part of them!