DCX SPARKS and FURY

The CheerCats coaches are so happy to lead you into the last competition of your season! And we are beyond excited for the merge of DCX and CheerCats to create CHEERCATS LAS VEGAS!!! Two locations, one family.

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  Anaheim Showcase/Send-Off
  Wednesday April 3rd 7pm - 8:30pm 
  Sparks and Fury combined practice to showcase            routines for friends and family before heading into
  final DCX competition.
  *Please wear DCX tight sublimated tank or sports bra, black shorts,     Hair in a high pony tail with competition bow. 

  DCX Final Competition 

  The American Showcase - April 6th and 7th 
  Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim CA.
  Sparks Youth 1.1 Prep - April 6th 
  Fury J2 Elite - April 6th and 7th
  Team Bonding - April 6th, location TBD

  DCX Season Practice

  Regular season practice will continue through        May 1st. All practices after American Showcase 
  will focus on tryout skills/preperation.

  CheerCats Las Vegas Tryouts - Summerlin

  Sunday May 19th 10am - 1pm 

  CheerCats Las Vegas Summerlin Season 3

  Begins June 1st


   Saturday March 16th - Practice Cancelled

  April 9th - May 1st
  Practices are not Mandatory 

Competiton Hair 
Slicked back pony tail on top of your head with bone straight & teased hair 

Competition Make-up 
A very natural smokey eye, with wing tip black eye liner, lashes optional. Bronzed cheek, light pink lip.

Hair Tutorial
Make-up Tutorial